About Horticultural Consultants International


Landscaping Services

Horticultural Consultants International provides a variety of consulting services from one-time visits to ongoing evaluations. We work with new gardens as well as older planting. We work by the hour or on retainer and answer such questions as:

  • My garden is a jungle. - What do I do to re-claim it?
  • My new property needs help. - Where do I start?
  • I just want to reduce the maintenance. - How?
  • I want more natives/fruit trees in my garden. How?
  • My plants look sick. - What is wrong and how do I correct it?

Horticultural Consultants International will diagnose your pest problems and develop a program to handle your needs.

Horticultural Consultants International adheres to a pest control program called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which incorporates all methods of control including physical, mechanical, biological, organic and, as a last resort, synthetic pesticides.

The first thing is to properly identify the problem.  Many fertilizer deficiencies or environmental issues can be mistaken for disease or pest problems. We keep up with the latest developments in pest control, and use the least toxic, and most environmentally friendly products possible.

Horticultural Consultants International’s owner/consultant Maureen Murphy has been in the “Beautification” business since 1978. She has worked with numerous clients, both individuals and hotels/resorts/condominium properties to upgrade their landscapes. HCI will work with you to determine if it is best to do the project all at once or in phases.

Consulting Arborist

Horticultural Consultants International’s owner/consultant Maureen Murphy is one of three Registered Consulting Arborists in the State of Hawaii and the only one on Kauai. She is trained in Tree Risk Assessment which is an internationally recognized process of evaluating the safety of trees.

Tree health and risk assessment is not determined by measurement and calculation alone; rather, it is based on observation, interpretation, and judgment of an experienced and trained arborist.

Horticultural Consultants International’s Registered Consulting Arborist Maureen Murphy is trained in giving depositions and Expert Witness testimony regarding tree health, tree risks, and other landscape issues that require litigation.

She is honest, fair, and ethical.

Horticultural Consultants International ’s owner/consultant Maureen Murphy is trained in determining the monetary value of plants including trees.

She can also provide the value of plants including trees that have been damaged or killed by others. These figures can be used for insurance claims or in litigation.

  • Determine the Value of the Tree
  • Assessing the tree's condition

Horticultural Consultants International’s owner/consultant Maureen Murphy is trained in writing tree protection plans for developments where existing trees will remain on-site during the construction process.

She uses the guidelines set up by the International Society of Arboriculture and customizes them to fit the site. She also will monitor the trees during construction to make sure they are receiving the proper care to keep them healthy.


Horticultural Consultants International offers workshop and seminars in all aspects of plant culture and care including such topics as:

  • Pruning—why, what, where, when, and how
  • Pruning mature trees
  • Pruning and training young trees and shrubs
  • Basic, botany--How Plants Grow
  • Pest and disease identification and control
  • Plant diagnostics

Horticultural Consultants International also offers the Certified Arborist Training Courses--a series of 16 domains that will prepare students to sit for the International Society of Arboriculture’s Certified Arborist exam.

Below are some examples of course outlines (click text to download article):